multidisciplinary visual artist

Hi - I'm Jaspal Birdi, a Canadian Artist born in Toronto 1988, currently based in Venice, Italy.
As a kid, I used to believe people were living inside my television set. How else could Mr. Dress-up appear through the tube? If only I was allowed to break the glass barrier between Sesame Street and my living room, I could have enjoyed mouthfuls of cookies. Despite my fantasy of jumping through a “looking glass,” I soon learned that was not the reality. My television was old, and it began to show some glitch-like symptoms, automatically changing channels and distorting colours and figures.
Today, with interaction increasingly being lived through a screen as visually crisp and informative as in real time and space, I feel privileged to have grown up witnessing flaws in technology. Between the progression of motion-sensitive technology to convincing computer-generated effects in film, for some, the distinction between illusion and reality may be harder to make. 
My process of eliminating the difference between a window and screen through paint began in 2009. Often playing with oil paint’s loose, chromatic, and photo realistic qualities versus the rigid and realistic impressions of thinly collaged digital photos, my reproduced narratives create a contrasting dialogue; questioning what is real in our vulnerable world dictated by various abstract notions.
Holding a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters of Arts Management, I’ve exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Biella, Venice, Brescia and Toronto. Currently, I’m an Artist in Residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice, Italy. 
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